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Rachel Wolchin

"Soho has become my go-to web3 wallet and collection tracking app-- the social aspect is just the cherry on top. It's been so rewarding and beautiful to see how Soho's team engages with their beta community and how much they value our feedback and out of the box ideas that they test and build. The time, effort, and consideration the team has invested really speaks for itself!"

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"Intuitive user experience that enhances my ability to track collections in real time. My favorite features are the custom notifications for specific whale wallets and new specific attributes listings"

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"I used to have to track several NFT marketplaces and analytics tools to get latest insights on NFTs every single day. I love that now I can just find all of that data in one place - in one simple app. Soho makes life so much easier."

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"Connecting and sharing your journey as a collector will continue to be an imperative part of onboarding and retaining newcomers as this nascent space grows. Soho has built a solid base of wallet and collection tracking, with a bright future allowing for user and project generated content that will sit on top. I absolutely love using Soho app now, and am more than excited for the features yet to be released!"

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"Soho has replaced the 20+ OpenSea tabs I used to keep open in my browser. Through phone notifications, I now get alerted to sales, listings and even drastic price changes in Collections I own or am looking to collect. I always felt too tied to a laptop with crypto, but now I can identify my favorite collections and let the alerts flow in."

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"The Soho team have been incredibly responsive to our feedback and built a stylish, intuitive app catering to the needs of NFT collectors, traders and artists. It's a dream for those with multi-wallet portfolios. Soho makes it easy to see offers and discover fresh mints from notable buyers, plus so much more."

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Eddie Wharton

"Soho is my favorite way to follow onchain activity of friends, top collectors and creators. The team is very responsive to community feedback and ships fast — I'm excited for the future."

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"My daily routine as an NFT trader consists of more scrolling than I'd care to admit and less dealing with actual alphas. Armed with a plethora of the proper tools, it substitutes the necessity of browsing simultaneously different marketplaces or whatever, bringing a much needed compactness to the game. Simply put, robust, effective and very down to real ppl's needs, it's as if Twitter and OS had a child and u get to witness its birth."

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"I hadn't paid attention to NFTs for a year or so until Soho popped up and somehow I got invited to the beta. I started actually making money from NFTs instead of being exit liquidity for once. Now I'm not just a collector, but I'm a creator too! Seriously, this is the best NFT app out there and I'm looking forward to the upcoming features -- have I said too much?"

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"Soho is really easy to use. Getting push alerts when offers are made on things I own have been a game changer. Without the app, I'd have missed opportunities. I've been looking for something like this for the past 2 years!"

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"The team is truly building out something special, and they are doing so with the needs of web3 users at the forefront of their minds. It is evident that they are passionate about their work, and this is reflected in the quality of their app. I have no doubt that their application will be a game-changer in the web3 space."

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